Why Won’t My Raspberry Pi Boot (10 Possible Reasons + Fixes

One of the most frustrating questions for a Raspberry Pi enthusiast is, “why won’t my Raspberry Pi boot”?  If your Raspberry Pi isn’t booting, your projects will likely stall. Often, the main culprits why your Raspberry Pi won’t boot are power sources, incompatible OS, faulty microSD card, and corrupted SD card files.  This Raspberry Pi …

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Why Is Raspberry Pi So Expensive: Causes and Alternative Single-Board Computers

Raspberry Pi and Microbit

If you visit online marketplaces for a single-board computer, you will probably ask- Why is Raspberry Pi so expensive? The Raspberry Pi Foundation is an industry leader in the SBC market. Users loved its products due to pocket-friendly prices. However, most RPi versions are quite costly, especially since mid-2020. Raspberry Pi boards are now pricey …

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