What Size SD Card For Raspberry Pi 4: Choosing The Right SD Card For Your Needs

You may be pondering, “what size SD card for Raspberry pi 4? SD cards are different when it comes to storage capabilities.

Also, different Raspberry Pi generations can support different SD card storage. 

That said, you need to purchase the right SD card size if you want your Raspberry pi 4 to run smoothly.

Remember that the SD card required may also differ depending on how you use the Raspberry pi 4. 

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What Size SD Card For Raspberry Pi 4

So, what size sd card does Raspberry pi 4 support?

Here it is. Raspberry pi 4 can read an SD card of 8GB to 32 GB. For one thing, you need an 8GB SD card to install the operating system.

Still, it can take SD cards of 64GB and more if you format the operating system through NTFS or exFAT system.

Raspberry Pi 4 Minimum SD Card Size

Though SD cards differ in size, there is a minimum size for a Raspberry pi 4 to work effectively.

Therefore, the use and your current project scope will determine the best Raspberry pi 4 minimum sd card size.

Ideally, the minimum SD card capacity should range between 8GB to 32 GB. 

Micro SD Card For Raspberry Pi 4

You can improve your Raspberry performance with the right micro SD card. Unlike most computing devices,

Raspberry relies on SD cards to store its operating system.

Micro SD cards have different storage capacities. You can get an SD card with 8 GB, 16 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, and even more.

Indeed, you only need a micro SD card with plenty of storage space to use it optimally.

Also, the micro SD card should have a higher UHS speed for faster downloading. 

Raspberry Pi 4 SD Card Slot

Raspberry pi 4 does not have internal storage. They all have an SD card slot to enable some extra storage.

This SD card slot can support 8GB to 32GB by default. Installing the Raspbian operating system requires a minimum of 8GB SD card.

Raspberry Pi 4 SD Card Speed

A faster SD card will ensure your Raspberry Pi 4 boot fast and the programs load fast.

Besides, it also ensures programs that save large quantities of data run smoothly and effectively. 

As mentioned, Raspberry Pi can support up to 126GB if formatted. Based on our test with SanDisk, an 8GB card can read and write 13.75 MB/s, which is the lowest. 16GB can read and write (13.93 MB/s), 32GB (17.50 MB/s), 64GB (35.25 MB/s), and 126GB (35.83 MB/s). 

Though you may get different results depending on various factors, including the brand of the disk used, expect something close to our results. 

128GB SD card

128GB SD card

Can A Raspberry Pi 4 Use A 256GB SD Card?

Yes, Raspberry pi 4 can use a 256GB SD card. So, it doesn’t matter how big of an SD card is for Raspberry pi 4.

Remember, by default, this single-board computer can only use an 8GB to 32 GB SD card. 

So, to enjoy this massive storage, you must format the operating system by passing it through exFAT or NTFS.

It is up to you to decide what kind of SD card is for Raspberry pi 4, given that it can read a 256 GB SD card.

256GB SD card

256GB SD card

What Is The Best SD Card For Raspberry Pi 4?

You can choose between an 8 GB to 32 GB SD card for your Raspberry. However, a 32GB SD card is best for normal use on Raspberry Pi 4 since it will not easily run out of space.

While you can consider higher storage capacities, such as 126GB, you must format the operating system using the exFAT file system, which may be challenging to new engineers. 

The SD card should maximize data transfer to prove reliability.

Additionally, a good SD card must withstand water and shocks. Be ready to spend if you need a quicker and more reliable SD card.  

Raspberry Pi project

Raspberry Pi project

Wrapping it Up

If you are using a Raspberry pi 4, it is advisable to consider some form of external storage.

Besides, this is the only way to install the OS and hold the device’s files and other important information.

An SD card is compatible with most devices and matches Raspberry pi 4. 

Luckily, Raspberry pi 4 comes with an SD card slot, so you will not have to worry about the safety of the SD card.

But, ensure you have the right SD card size to store files maximally.

Also, the SD card speed is another consideration for your Raspberry pi 4 to operate fast.