Beaglebone vs. Raspberry PI

About beaglebone vs. raspberry pi. Single-board computers are now a norm among tech gurus and companies. Raspberry Pi Foundation was among the first firms to release advanced SBCs.

After a while, other companies entered this niche. This includes Texas Instruments, which makes the popular Beaglebone Black.

If you’re searching for a new SBC, you may benefit from more info on Beaglebone vs. raspberry pi.

In this article, we’ll help you weigh between these options. Moreover, we will discuss their features and situations where one SBC is better.

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What Is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi (RPi) is a small computer that lets you do many tasks. You can connect it to other machines like your TV and printer. An RPi uses a typical keyboard and monitor. Further, it comes with USB ports and pins. These help you connect to other devices.

If you want to learn programming languages like Python, RPi is an excellent choice. Also, this mini-size computer is perfect for browsing and other simple tasks.

Features of Raspberry Pi

RPis have most of the features of a typical computer. However, they don’t come with internal storage. Let’s explore some key features of Raspberry Pi.

  • HDMI port
  • CPU
  • Ethernet port
  • Memory or RAM
  • A graphic processing unit (GPU)
  • General Purpose Input and Output (GPIO) pins

A Raspberry Pi needs an SD card to work. This should contain an operating system, often Linux OS. Once you set up your RPi, link it to other devices and perform your tasks.

What Is Beaglebone Black?

Beaglebone Black is a mini computer that’s pretty similar to Raspberry Pi. Connecting it to a keyboard and display gives you a fully-functional device.

Engineers and developers love Beaglebone Black. They often use the device for projects that need many input-output options. Most users also prefer it for complex circuit connections.

A circuit board

A circuit board

The Features of Beaglebone Black

Beaglebone black is compatible with most software. Additionally, the device comes with a USB host. This allows the mini computer to detect when you connect USB devices.

Here are other features you’ll find in a Beaglebone Black:

  • Ethernet
  • Microcontrollers
  • Graphic accelerator
  • Storage
  • Onboard flash storage
  • GPIO pins
hand connecting an ethernet cable connecting to a computer

hand connecting an ethernet cable connecting to a computer

Selecting the Most Suitable SBC: Beaglebone vs. Raspberry Pi

Continue reading to discover aspects you should consider when choosing a suitable SBC.

A mini computer

A mini computer

Compatibility With Operating Systems

One thing to consider before buying an SBC is compatibility with operating systems. Raspberry Pi can work well with both Android and Linux.

These two systems are the most popular among many users. Besides, they were among the few options the mini-computer supported initially.

Raspberry Pi also works well with many other operating systems. While the list is long, we’ll mention 10 options.

1. Raspberry Pi OS

2. Manjaro

3. LineageOS

4. Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi

5. Arch Linux

6. Gentoo

7. Emteria

8. Windows 10 IoT

9. Diet Pi

10. RetroPie

Raspberry Pi gives you many choices of operating systems. Due to this, the device is perfect for many tasks. You can find the right software, regardless of why you need a mini-computer.

Linux text on a book

Linux text on a book

Beaglebone Black uses Angstrom as the default operating system. This OS is a modified version of Linux made for embedded devices.

You still have more options to explore other OSes with your Beaglebone. For example, you can get Ubuntu to enjoy a friendly user interface.

Other available choices are:

Raspberry Pi is compatible with a lot of OSes. But this isn’t the same case for its counterpart Beaglebone Black.

Despite this issue, there are some situations where a Beaglebone Black is the best choice. In many cases, suitability eventually comes down to the best operating system for your needs.


Raspberry Pi has some pretty impressive connectivity specs. Even so, Beaglebone Black beats it regarding input and output. A standard RPi comes with a 40-pin GPIO header.

On the other hand, Beaglebone Black is more remarkable, with two 46-pin headers.  

Beaglebone Black has a single USB port hub. So, what do I do if I want to use several USB cables at once? Well, the most viable solution is getting a USB hub.

RPi is better than Beaglebone in USB connectivity. Some models of this mini-computer, like Raspberry Pi4, have four US ports.

A USB hub

A USB hub

Here are other differences related to connectivity.

  • You get one UART on RPi and five on Beaglebone black. These help you receive and send data.
  • Beaglebone Black has seven analog pins, while Raspberry Pi has none.
  • RPi features only eight digital pins, while Beaglebone comes with 65.


Beaglebone Black is quite pricey if you compare it to Raspberry Pi.

You will have to part with $63 to get a Beaglebone. However, an RPi will cost you up to $28 less. To buy the 1GB model, you need about $35. You can also get the 4GB one for at least $55.

Raspberry Pi has some impressive features for its price. As a result, you quickly get value for your money if you buy it.

While a Beaglebone Black is more expensive, the price is still reasonable. With this device, you can enjoy better IoT connectivity.

Internet of things (IoT) concept

Internet of things (IoT) concept


Raspberry Pi has a robust community. The central aspect contributing to this is the large number of users. You can browse the Foundation’s official website for inquiries about this SBC.

Furthermore, Reddit is an excellent place to start if you need opinions and reviews. There are also endless tutorials on YouTube and many articles about this device.

Beagleboard tries to maintain an active community.

So far, the manufacturer and users are doing a good job engaging with one another. Besides that, they try to provide the necessary resources.

Despite these efforts, Raspberry has a more active and reliable community. Therefore, if you need information on both devices, you’ll probably get more resources on Raspberry Pi.

Online community concept

Online community concept

Beaglebone vs. Raspberry Pi: Which One Is the Winner?

It’s hard to ultimately pick a winner in the Beagleboard vs. Raspberry Pi war. Each of the mini-computers is great, depending on your needs and applications.

Raspberry Pi connects with many operating systems. This dramatically raises the number and type of tasks you can do with it. Not forgetting, this SBC is also quite affordable.

Beagleboard connects with relatively fewer OSes. Still, most of them are superior and very efficient. Even if you spend $63 on this SBC, you’ll get value for your money.


Is Raspberry Pi4 better than Beaglebone Black?

Raspberry Pi4 comes with better USB features than Beaglebone Black. It also has two micro-HDMI ports. Both of these allow you to enjoy high-quality 4k videos.

Beaglebone Black beats its counterpart in some ways. For example, you get better connectivity thanks to many GPIO headers. Apart from that, Beaglebone Black comes with onboard storage.

SBC with visible GPIO headers

SBC with visible GPIO headers

What are the main limitations of Beaglebone Black?

When using Beaglebone, you can’t connect to many external devices. This issue arises because there is only one USB port.

Another main drawback of this SBC is that it doesn’t let you encode videos. Due to this limitation, you need another software to watch a video in a different format.


When comparing Beaglebone vs. Raspberry Pi, you need to look at many things. Since both mini computers come in several models, contrasting individual products is crucial.

While looking into specs and reading reviews helps, you may be unsure about the best SBC. In such cases, we recommend that you consult an expert. Alternatively, use community resources and explore online discussions.

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