Beaglebone vs. Raspberry PI

A Raspberry Pi 4

About beaglebone vs. raspberry pi. Single-board computers are now a norm among tech gurus and companies. Raspberry Pi Foundation was among the first firms to release advanced SBCs. After a while, other companies entered this niche. This includes Texas Instruments, which makes the popular Beaglebone Black. If you’re searching for a new SBC, you may …

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Raspberry Pi 32 vs. 64-bit: Should You Retain or Upgrade?

Raspberry Pi computer board with connectors

Raspberry Pi has changed computing in many ways. The Raspberry Pi 32 vs. 64-bit comparison is critical, considering the Raspberry Pi is behind many transformative technologies.  Both systems affect performance in Raspberry Pi applications such as IoT, robotics, and display viewers.  Raspberry Pi OS has been running on 32-bit architecture. However, recent Raspberry Pi boards …

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Apache vs. NGINX Raspberry PI: Which Web Server is Better?

Raspberry PI

About Apache vs. NGINX Raspberry PI. Every computer has a web server for accessing internet content, and the Raspberry PI is no different. But choosing one for your PI board is challenging and requires shifting through multiple options. And it’s hard to choose one of the popular options because of the comparison: Apache vs. NGINX …

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