When Will Raspberry Pi 5 Come Out: Here is What to Expect

When will Raspberry Pi 5 come out, and what specs should we expect?

These have been the most frequently asked questions among users.

The company usually launches a new generation every 2-3 years.

However, since the release of the Pi 4 in 2019, designers have been getting impatient in their wait for the Raspberry Pi (RPi) 5. 

Well, the simple answer is soon, but not in 2023. This is according to the company CEO Eben Upton.

On 13th November 2022, the company reported experiencing problems with its supply chain, so you will have to wait a little longer.

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Raspberry Pi 5: Expected Specs

We are anticipating a new set of standards shaping the SBC industry. Here are the expected specs for the new model:

A More Advanced Processor

Rumors have it that RPi 5 will run on a version Broadcom BCM2711 chip with a faster clock speed of up to 2 GHz. This is more advanced than the Raspberry Pi 4 quad-core cortex-A72 with a clock speed of 1.5GHz.

Storage and Memory

The RPi 4 model has three RAM options: 2 GB, 4GB, and 8 GB. There’s a high likelihood that the RAM options will stay the same in RPi 5. However, some engineers anticipate the 16GB RAM to match the processor’s speed above.

Additional Storage

We expect better storage than Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, 32 GB onboard eMMC, or 8GB, 16 GB.

Users highly anticipate RPi 5 to come with eMMC, allowing them to expand the storage to 256GB.

Remember that Raspberry’s essential design is to keep all their models credit-card sized.

Adding an in-built eMMC and SD card may mean RPi 5 will have the most extensive storage of the company’s series.

Operating System

The latest models of RPi all run the Debian-based Raspberry Pi OS. This may remain the same in RPi 5. However, users expect the OS to support 64-bit applications, a significant addition.


RPi 4’s most effective connectivity options were Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6. We should expect a more powerful and faster Bluetooth option, probably 5.2.

As for the WiFi, we expect RPi 5 to maintain the same module. 

Improved Networking

We don’t expect much difference between RPi 5 and 4 regarding networking.

Maybe the only difference we may have will be in the number of USB ports and Ethernet capabilities. 

If the board size allows, RPi 5 may have 5 USB ports. These may include 3 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 ports. 

As for the ethernet, we expect this device to support up to 10GB of Ethernet. This is higher than Gigabit Ethernet in RPi 4.

Raspberry Pi project

Raspberry Pi project

Raspberry Pi 5: Pricing

Pi’s has left the market due to the global supply chain that affects many other things. But we expect things to resume soon at their normal prices.

Experts expect RPi 5 to cost between $90 and $100. This is higher than the 8GB Raspberry Pi price, which is still $75.

However, because of the shortages, you will likely pay more if you purchase a Pi 4 now. 

When will the Raspberry Pi 5 Be Released?

Raspberry Pi foundation is yet to announce the official release date of RPI 5.

Though many expected it this year, given that it’s more than three years since they released RPi 4.

The company SEO has clarified that we must wait a little longer. 

According to the statement by the RPi Foundation CEO, the company still struggles with the supply chain hell, which has lasted more than 18 months.

He further added that they will wish to refrain from introducing a new iteration to the market when they still battle pending orders for the old models.

The Raspberry foundation considers this year as a recovery year, and they need to spend at least one year to recover.

That said, we should start expecting the release of RPi 5 once the company shapes its operation back to normal. Expect it from 2014 in the future.

Raspberry Pi 4 top view

Raspberry Pi 4 top view

Other Raspberry Pi 5 Rumors

The RPi foundation hasn’t clarified what to expect on the Pi 5.

In addition to the rumored specs and the expected release date, there is also common speculation that the company can’t meet its financial requirements.

Many people believe this could be the main reason Pis are out of the market and the release of Pi 5 is taking time. 

Besides, there is a rumor that the company will have to focus on the old models to meet customer demands before they get fully back and running.

Raspberry Pi Pico and $5 RPi won’t be available in that connection, and the Pi 5 release may wait a little longer.

$5 Raspberry Pi

$5 Raspberry Pi

What Are the Alternatives of the Raspberry Pi 5?

Various companies are designing new products and releasing new models in the market as users seek answers to when the Raspberry pi 5 be released.

The Raspberry Pi 5 best alternative is Orange Pi 5 SBC. This SBC is an advanced version of Raspberry Pi 4 since it also uses a 64-Bit ARM processor. 

However, it has the RK3588S, a new base processor that supports up to 8-channels at once.

The processor works at a maximum clock speed of 2.4 GHz, which is higher than what we expect for Raspberry Pi-5. 

Another great alternative to check is to include Libre Compute Board AML-S905X and ODROID N2+.

When Does Raspberry Pi 5 Come out: the Recap

The Raspberry Foundation has clarified that you should not expect Raspberry Pi-5 2023.

We should expect this model in the second half of 2024. But you should expect Raspberry Pi models to return to the market this year.