Raspberry Pi vs. Rock Pi: What’s the Best Single-Board Computer (SBC)?

Raspberry Pi vs. Rock Pi is a common debate among tech enthusiasts.

Both of these gadgets have exciting features for learning and programming. Many people also love them for gaming and making robots.

You may be wondering how to pick the best minicomputer for your needs.

We will cover the key features of Raspberry and Rock Pi to help you decide.

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What Is a Rock Pi 4?

Rock Pi 4 is quite an exciting board made by Radxa Limited. The SBC comes in three primary types A, B, and C. It always works well with Android and some Linux operating systems.

A single-board computer

Rock Pi 4 is a perfect choice for many people. Such include:

  • Tech hobbyist
  • Internet of things (IoT) enthusiasts
  • PC DIY lovers
  • Developers
  • Programming students

Radxa Limited has released several minicomputers so far. Still, Rock Pi 4 was the first model quite similar to the Raspberry Pi.

Rock Pi 4 vs Raspberry Pi 4: The Differences

Rock Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 4 are worthy opponents. They are the perfect options to compare Raspberry Pi vs. Rock Pi. Let’s dive deeper into several things that differentiate each model.

Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4


Rock Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 4 have unique specs. Since we have several models of each, we will mainly compare Raspberry Pi 4 model B and Rock Pi 4B.

Raspberry Pi 4B has a Broadcom CPU with the A72 chipset. This chip has a fantastic 1.5 GHz speed. Likewise, it comes with four cores. A Raspberry Pi 4B CPU is enough for many computing tasks.

Rock Pi 4B has Rockchip as its processor. This is an ARM model known for its reliable power. Additionally, it comes with two CPUs. The primary one is a quad-core A72 chipset.

The second is an A52 chipset. When using Rock Pi 4, you’ll enjoy high speed. The first CPU is relatively fast as it runs at 1.8GHZ. The second one is slower but still impressive at 1.4GHz.

Chipset and a computer board

Chipset and a computer board

Here are more Raspberry Pi 4 and Rock Pi 4 specs

· The graphics processing unit (GPU)

Raspberry Pi 4B- Broadcom VideoCore VI

Rock Pi 4B- Mali T860MP4


Raspberry Pi 4B- LPDDR4 with an access speed of 4100//4400MBps

Rock Pi 4B- LPDDR4 variant with an access speed of 3200MBps

· Bluetooth

Raspberry Pi 4B-Bluetooth 5.0

Rock Pi 4B- Bluetooth 5.0

Kid and mentor connecting to a minicomputer

Kid and mentor connecting to a minicomputer


Raspberry Pi 4 features three audio output options. First, it has 2 Micro HDMI ports. It also comes with a 3.5-headphone jack.

Rock Pi only gives you two options. These are one Micro HDMI port and a headphone jack.

GPIO pins are crucial in any board. These let you connect your device to other items. For example, you can use them to complete a circuit.

Rock Pi has a 40-pin expansion header. Out of these, only 6 are GPIO pins. The Raspberry Pi board comes with a 46-pin header.

The GPIO pins are 26, much more than you’ll find on a Rock Pi. Raspberry Pi will let you enjoy far more input-output connections.

An HDMI cable

An HDMI cable

Both Rock Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 4 have one micro-SD slot. Likewise, they feature several USB ports. For example, Raspberry Pi 4 has 4 USB ports.

Rock Pi, however, only has three. Two are for USB 2.0. You can also use USB 3.0 with the other port.

Rock Pi comes with a Gigabit LAN to connect to the internet. The minicomputer also supports WLAN connectivity. Raspberry Pi 4 also lets you enjoy wireless connections. The device features Gigabit ethernet and wireless LAN.

USB ports visible on a board

USB ports visible on a board


Price is crucial if you are looking at Raspberry Pi vs. Rock Pi. Raspberry Pi 4 is relatively cheaper than its counterpart. Approved resellers often sell the SBC for $45.

Still, you will probably pay more when shopping at other stores. This high cost is due to the current shortage of these minicomputers.

Rock Pi 4 is quite pricey when compared to Raspberry Pi 4. You must part with at least $60 if you want this board. Some retailers are also selling the minicomputer at over $100!

While Rock Pi is pricey, we can say it’s worth the spend. The minicomputer has a lot more impressive specs. Even if you spend less on a Raspberry Pi, a Rock Pi 4 will still let you enjoy your money.


Raspberry Pi 4 needs 5V power at 3A to work. On the other hand, Rock Pi lets you use a wide range of input voltage, typically 21V to 9V.

If you have a Rock PI, you will enjoy convenience when it comes to power. This device supports USB Type C input. Hence, you can easily power it using your mobile phone charger. You can also use a 5V power source with the pin header.

USB type C cable

USB type C cable


All Raspberry Pi boards use the operating system Raspbian. It’s not a must to use Raspbian since you can get NOOBS. The program will help you install other OS like LibreELEC.

Raspberry Pi 4 also lets you use other operating systems without NOOBS.

Let’s list some options the minicomputer supports.

1. DietPi

2. Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi


4. Windows 10 IoT

5. Chromium OS

6. Lineage OS

7. Rock Pi 4

Rock Pi 4 has three official operating systems. At the moment, you can use the Android 10 tablet version. You may also choose between the Debian desktop and Ubuntu Server.

Operating system concept

Operating system concept

If you only want to use official software, you’ll have more options when you go for a Rock Pi 4. Still, you can enjoy many unofficial OSes with a Raspberry Pi 4.

While Rock Pi 4 lets you use Android, you can also get an open-source version for your Raspberry Pi 4. You, however, need to add Google Apps to the SD card with the OS.


Is Rock Pi the same as Raspberry Pi?

No. Rock Pi isn’t the same as Raspberry Pi. Both are SBCs but made by different companies. Rock Pi mainly runs on Android but can also use some Linux Distributions. Raspberry Pi often features the official software Raspbian.

Rock Pi and Raspberry Pi have some differences in terms of performance. Their boards also feature varying layouts and capabilities.

Can Rock Pi run Raspbian?

Rock Pi doesn’t support Raspbian. It can still work well with some Linux-based OSes. For example, you can run Debian Desktop and Ubuntu Server. You may also use Radxa APT and Docker.

Linux text on paper

Linux text on paper

Which is the best OS for Raspberry Pi 4?

Raspbian is the most suitable system when you have a Raspberry Pi 4. It’s simple and comes with some ready apps. Raspberry Foundation also releases regular updates of the OS.

Raspbian is not always great for everyone. The best option will often depend on the things you do with your board.

If you love watching TV and streaming music, LibreELEC will be the perfect OS. But if you love retro-gaming, we recommend Batocera.

Is Rock Pi 4 more powerful than Raspberry Pi 4?

Rock Pi 4 has a better processor than Raspberry Pi 4. Its CPU is pretty fast and doesn’t cause your board to overheat. You will likely need a fan to run heavy projects with a Raspberry Pi 4.

Woman watching TV

Woman watching TV

Raspberry Pi vs. Rock Pi: Bottomline

Raspberry Pi vs. Rock Pi is an unending war since each line of SBC is excellent. Choosing between the two options doesn’t have to be a headache.

You, however, need to identify why you mainly need a minicomputer. After that, you can assess which option best suits your needs. Often, you will need to compare the processing power and hardware features.

Still, getting a board that will serve your future needs is essential.

For more information on minicomputers, tour our blog.