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What Language For Raspberry Pi: 6 Programming Languages For Your Next Project

Create projects with Raspberry Pi and programming languages

“What language for Raspberry Pi”? is a question many beginners have when they get the remarkable Raspberry Pi SBC. Usually, they are interested in projects such as robotics, automation, website development, and creating games(even for kids!).  Raspberry Pi comes pre-loaded with three programming languages suitable for newbies, intermediate users, and pros.  Scratch: For younger beginners …

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Batocera vs. RetroPie Raspberry Pi 4: Which One is Better?

Batocera vs RetroPie Raspberry Pi 4

Batocera vs. RetroPie Raspberry Pi 4 – which is better? Raspberry Pi’s creators intended it for educational purposes. Often, the best motivation for learning is to have a tangible way to apply your newly attained knowledge. For instance, this can be building a gaming console or a robot, which brings us back to the Raspberry …

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How to Back up Raspberry PI: Different Methods you Can Use

Hand inserting an SD card into the PC

How to Back up Raspberry PI, Raspberry PI may be one of the best SBCs on the market, but it’s not immune to crashes and failures. Such events can be disastrous, especially when you don’t have a backup. Luckily, you don’t have to think too deeply about how to back up Raspberry PI because there …

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Raspberry Pi OS Lite vs. Desktop:   Choosing The Right OS For Your Needs

Raspberry Pi OS Lite vs. Desktop

Computer beginners and tech enthusiasts often ask about the Raspberry Pi OS Lite vs. Desktop comparison. These two versions differ based on the features they present for the Raspberry Pi device. Users generally prefer one due to system demands, resources, and accessibility. This means it should provide optimal performance while running light or heavy projects. …

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Odroid C2 vs. Raspberry Pi: Do You Have To Pick One?

Odroid c2 raspberry Pi are single-board computers

Odroid C2 vs. Raspberry Pi are both early entrants into the SBC field. These boards offer great processing power and space-saving. Additionally, they have an excellent price tag allowing you to run both of them for different projects.  Let’s compare the Odroid C2 vs. Raspberry Pi and upgraded Raspberry Pi versions, Raspberry Pi 3 and …

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How to Add Wifi to Raspberry PI: An Easy Guide

Wifi network technology

How to add Wifi to Raspberry PI? Raspberry PI is incredibly intuitive and almost limitless for programming and other applications. However, one popular question asked multiple times before using the board for anything serious is how to add Wifi to Raspberry PI. Luckily, there are various ways to configure your Raspberry PI’s Wifi, even without …

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Why Won’t My Raspberry Pi Boot (10 Possible Reasons + Fixes

One of the most frustrating questions for a Raspberry Pi enthusiast is, “why won’t my Raspberry Pi boot”?  If your Raspberry Pi isn’t booting, your projects will likely stall. Often, the main culprits why your Raspberry Pi won’t boot are power sources, incompatible OS, faulty microSD card, and corrupted SD card files.  This Raspberry Pi …

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